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You can choose any number of yacht brokers to help you buy or sell a multihull. But the vast majority of them are far from offshore sailors. They are salespeople, pure and simple.

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Phil Berman

Phillip Berman is the president of The Multihull Company and a lifetime catamaran sailor and racer. He grew up racing Hobie Cats in California in the late 1960’s and published his first book on catamaran racing at the age of seventeen. He went on to write many more books on the subject including the best-selling catamaran training manual of all time. In 2011 Phil formed Balance Catamarans to co-design and fabricate his own line of boutique, high-end, semi-custom performance voyaging catamarans.

Alexis de Boucaud

Alexis grew up racing dinghies in the waters of France. He immigrated to the United States as a young man and developed an interest in offshore cruising. Alexis began his professional yachting career as a captain on a Fountaine-Pajot Marquises 57 catamaran. He is bilingual, was educated in the United States and has worked in the US, Europe and the Caribbean. He has sailed extensively on multihulls and particularly enjoys performance cats.

Cal Landau

Cal grew up in Pennsylvania, spending every summer since born on the rivers, on houseboats, speedboats and did some serious water skiing. Sailing is now his passion and his father is now 94 years old and still enjoys sailing with Cal. He and his wife Marty are USCG certified 50 ton captains and spend as much time as possible on their 42 ft. Fountaine Pajot catamaran in West Palm Beach, FL.  Cal now serves as TMC’s Associate Broker in West Palm Beach and his vast experience as a broker and cruiser are welcome additions to TMC’s expert team.

Will Miller

Captain Will Miller grew up in Virginia and learned to sail in the Chesapeake Bay. He has lived in Charleston since 2001 and knows the city well. He developed a love of the water at a very young age and chose to pursue a career as a captain after graduating from the College of Charleston in 2005. As a lifelong sailor Captain Will has traveled extensively throughout the waters of the United States and Caribbean. He has been a certified sailing instructor and licensed US Coast Guard Captain since 2006. Shortly after, Will joined The Multihull Company as an associate broker.

Carl Olivier

Carl Olivier was born in Cape Town, South Africa. Through his love of the sailing lifestyle, together with his innate business sense, he found his niche in yacht brokering. After 5 successful years as a yacht broker in South Africa, Carl went on to form his own brokerage, which he sold years later to take his family cruising.  Carl has made the Caribbean his home and continues to live aboard, enthusiastically serving TMC clients in and around the Virgin Islands.

Chris Rundlett

Chris Rundlett’s first sailing adventure was on a small Sunfish owned by the U.S. Coast Guard where his father was stationed in North Dakota. Since then he dreamed of bigger horizons and sailed whenever he had the chance.  In 2008, Chris started working with a sailing school in the Caribbean – St. Vincent and the Grenadines. He enjoyed sailing in these exquisite waters so much, he decided to stay. Chris found that many of their sailing school students were interested in buying boats and in turn joined The Multihull Company as an associate broker in 2013.

Zvonimir Kalinic

Zvonimir, or “Ze”, comes from the Island of Krk, the largest Croatian island. As he has always been adventurous, the coast of the Adriatic Sea was the perfect location for various hobbies that have now become his profession. After many years of the yachting life he decided to further develop his skills in the area of Marine Surveying. For the last couple of years he was involved in various aspects of surveying and has used that knowledge to join TMC as an Associate Broker since 2015.

Learning Center Catamaran TV

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Conor Dugan Joins TMC in Fort Lauderdale, FL
The Multihull Company is pleased to announce the addition of Captain Conor Dugan to its team of brokers in Fort Lauderdale.
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TMC Opens New Office On Chesapeake Bay with Ingolf Kiland
The Multihull Company is pleased to announce the addition of Ing Kiland on the Chesapeake Bay.
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Buying a Boat During Covid Times
TMC Broker Steve Varrow shares his experiences on travelling through the Caribbean during the age of Covid and buying insights.
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10 Affordable Cruising Catamarans
Looking for a used cruising catamaran for a sailing sabbatical? Check out this list of contenders.
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Bringing a New Balance to Life
What’s really involved in designing, engineering, tooling and building a new catamaran? We took an in depth look at this question outlining the design and build process on our brand new design, the Balance 442!
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TMC Opens Office in Panama
TMC Opens Office in Panama with associate broker Charles Badoian
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What To Expect On Survey Day
Captain Andrew Hodgdon takes you inside what you will experience on survey day once you have placed your catamaran under contract
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Now Offering Private Virtual Tours
MC is now proudly offering PRIVATE VIRTUAL TOURS of the vessels that we offer for sale when possible.
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Building a Balance – The South Africa Experience
Captain Andrew Hodgdon takes you inside the experience of purchasing a Balance Catamaran and through the build process in the South African factories..
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Which Sails Are Right For Me?
Our TMC clients often ask us sail related questions, so we thought to sit down with our Balance 451 sailmaker, Bob Pattison, of Neil Pryde Sails, to get insight from the man with 40 years of experience!
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True Costs of Owning a Catamaran
When you are starting your search for a catamaran, one of the first and most important questions you need to ask yourself in your search for the right catamaran is “What is my budget?” Follow along as Andrew Holland explains the many factors that will determine the true cost of owning a catamaran.
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Performance Study of Daggerboards Versus Keels
It's the debate as old as time and Balance Catamarans offers the option for sailors to pick if they want daggerboards or keels in the build of their catamarans. But previousely sailors would have to weigh the pros and cons of each option in order to know what they are sacrificing in performance, however, no fact sheet with specific comparisons existed, until now.
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The Five Steps to Getting a Good Deal on a Used Catamaran
TMC Sales Manager, Andrew Holland, has overseen the purchase and sale of hundreds of used catamarans. He has seen a significant shift in the brokerage market and, with his experience, has developed these five steps to getting a good deal on a used catamaran.
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How Do I Import and Pay Duty on a Boat?
When a US Flagged Vessel first makes her arrival into US Waters she is required to make what is known as a formal entry and pay US Duty and Import Tax due on the boat. When planning your formal entry into the US to pay duty, here are the steps that you will want to follow.
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Twenty Tips For Making Catamaran Sailing Safer and More Pleasurable
TMC President Phillip Berman shares 14 tips for making catamaran sailing safer and more pleasurable for cruisers.
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We all know that boats, unlike real estate, tend to depreciate. For those who are about to buy a catamaran, the question is: How much will it depreciate?
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TMC President, Phil Berman, and Sales Manager, Andrew Holland go over fourteen things you should do to sell your boat quickly and still fetch the best price.
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The 14 Biggest Mistakes When Purchasing a Used Catamaran and How to Avoid Them – Part One
Establishing a Bristol value is key to making the right decision for your catamaran purchase
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