Grenada Cruisers Net: Friendly and Informative

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By:  Chrystal Young  

Chrystal Young is one of the Multihull Company’s yacht brokers. The Multihull Company has been located in the Grenada Marine office at Port Louis Marina, Grenada for almost two years. A few months ago, Chrystal began hosting the Grenada Cruisers Net on Fridays. It was a rough beginning, as the first time she broadcast, her VHF radio failed: everyone could hear her, but she couldn’t hear anyone. A sad, lonely voice was airing for the very first time and it seemed like a total fail! Suddenly, someone came knocking on the door to let her know that another net controller was able to continue the broadcast. It would be another month before a new VHF radio could be acquired and an antenna installed before she would be back in business. Now more confident and experienced, Chrystal is able to manage the rigors of a volunteer net controller’s job.

Chrystal decided to become a net controller when she heard about the need for more volunteers, thanks to the nomadic lifestyle of the cruising community. As a fulltime resident in Grenada, she was happy to offer her time on Friday mornings. She says: “This is such a great service and so many people depend on it. Not everyone has access to the internet for information and the weather is critical to sailors.” The Grenada Cruisers Net can be heard on international VHF channel 66. It is a friendly and informative broadcast operating from Monday to Saturday from 0730. Many sailors have their ear to the radio for priority traffic and weather, which is the first thing on the agenda. The net would not be complete with welcoming new arrivals and saying good-bye to old friends. There are also announcements about treasures and social activities, and an opportunity to find out where to catch the closest shopping bus or lunch special. The broadcasts can be heard from Bequia to Trinidad on a good day. So, when you are in the Grenada area turn your radio to 66i and give a shout out to Chrystal and the other volunteer net controllers who wake up early to give you the information you need.

About the Author

As owners of a sailing school, it quickly became evident that many people learning to sail also want to buy boats! The partnership with The Multihull Company and LTD Sailing in beautiful Port Louis Marina is a natural progression to complete the circle of services offered in Grenada and the Grenadines. Do what you love! Sailing and sailboats are at the top of the list of Chrystal’s passions and now she has managed to make that her career. After working through a five year plan with her partner, Chris Rundlett, Chrystal was able to throw off the bowlines, quit her job and move to the Caribbean full-time. Starting her sailing adventures on the Inland waters of North Idaho then expanding to the Puget Sound and the San Juan Islands, she now sails the tropical waters of the Caribbean – “Living the Dream!”