I had a very good experience with Will Miller at TMC. He is very knowledgeable about his business and took care of all aspects of my purchase, and where he couldn’t places me in touch with the people who could. The transaction went very smoothly as far as I was concerned.

- Jeff

“Thank you Conor, for your integrity, continuous input and guidance during this process. The Multihull Company is a class act that I have had the honor of working with twice. I look forward to referring Conor to all I know in need of a broker.”

- Jeff and Julie

Your team delivered on every mark. You’ve got an amazing broker in Mark Wattrus and I’m confident you will have continued success moving forward together. He was available 24/7 whenever I had questions. We had a great initial visit on the boat and his marketing plan and photos were superb

- Jimmy

I couldn’t be more grateful to have had TMC on my side throughout this process. Buying was a new experience for me and I know it wasn’t the easiest deal you’ve ever had, but you were competent and kind throughout.


- Chad

Thanks Jaryd, you made this process as smooth as we could have hoped for! We are most certainly going to have some memorable times aboard!

- Cordell and Jennifer

Thank you so much for all of your help. I couldn’t be more grateful to have had TMC on my side throughout this process. Buying was a new experience for me and I know it wasn’t the easiest deal you’ve ever had, but you were competent and kind throughout. I really felt you advocated for me and I appreciate that a lot.

- Chad Williams

I wanted to take a moment and send you all a heartfelt, belated thank you for the excellent support and service on our boat deal. I know that a transaction of this magnitude taking place in Turkey takes a lot of analysis and vetting, and I appreciate your efficient and friendly approach to the exercise. This is our third boat purchased with TMC; each time you have proven how professional and ethical you are as business advisers. You are honorable and trustworthy business people… that is what comes through in every aspect of the engagement. As a huge plus, you are understanding of the emotional roller-coaster that buyers and sellers can find themselves riding on while trying to find a deal that is mutual.

I really hope that I don’t need to do this again, but if I do, it goes without saying that you will be the choice of our representative. I hope that you have a great spring, and again, thank you very much. Your guys are true professionals.

- Rob and Magi

This is a big purchase for us, and Ze was great to work with! We look forward to getting back to the boat. Thanks for all your help!

- Kelli McGean

The sale of our boat went off without any problems. TMC agent, Carl Olivier, our broker had everything sorted out in time.

- Andre

Carl Oliver is the best! Carl sold my Catamaran and then we bought another Voyage 440 in St Augustine just before Irma came through. I have a mooring in Grenada and hope to work with agent Chris Rundlett in the future.

- Robert

We can say that everything was Perfect. And the Brokers Chris Rundlett and Chrystal Young were very nice and courteous they made all for us. Thanks to all.

- Christian and Michele

I had a very positive experience with TMC and agent Carl Olivier. He was efficient, very professional, hardworking and did a great video on the boat for her advertisement!

- Deborah

Will Miller and The Multihull Company made the whole process of purchasing my Beneteau 323 very smooth and simple. This was my first purchase of a larger documented vessel and they guided me through the purchase and transfers. TMC did just what a broker and the staff should do – make things happen! I have no reservations about recommending them to other buyers, even if you’re buying a monohull!

- Mark

Historical wise, I know Multihull Company for some time now. I sold my previous cat, a Catana 471 through the company. Years later, I was searching a catamaran again. I looked around, and among other companies came back to the Multihull Company. I got back in contact with Alexis. It was the start of several visits of boats (I believe 3 in the States). My contacts with Alexis were always great. I guess the fact that he loves boats, we are of the same age and could speak French together 😉 helped. But truly I like the guy as he was honest. if a boat was a bad buy, because for example it was not well maintained, he would tell me. In some cases he had to calm me down or on the contrary to shake me up. He always did that in a friendly but firm way, which I appreciate. If I would look for a another boat, he would be the first person I would contact. I bought the Catana 581 through the Multihull Company, and later when I knew I would sell it, Alexis and the Multihull Company were my first and only choice!

I’ve also met Phil when I was looking to buy the 581. The contacts there nice as well. He helped my out quite well when I bought materials and needed a delivery address. So, all the contacts I had with the Multihull Company were very positive!

Was it stressful to sell my boat through ‘you’? The answer is definitively NO. It was good to have Alexis being the “buffer”, or I would have let the possible deal go… (and I do believe Alexis had a hard time with this sell, although he did his uttermost best to keep relatively calm).

Would I recommend Multihull Company to others ?”, the answer is YES. I sold 2 boats through TMC, visited at least 3 other ones and bought one, so I think I might have an idea of how this company works. I’ve personally met Alexis and Phil and had several e-mail contacts with Sales Manager, Andrew Holland, who took good care of the closing and financial process when the time came.

- Thierry

Several people referred Alexis de Boucaud to us through the years and during a trip to Ft. Lauderdale (we live in Belize) a few years ago I called Alexis and he dropped what he was doing and came and met with us. After our meeting we were confident that he was to be our agent. The Multihull Company and Alexis stand head and shoulders above the competition. I have referred several potential sellers to Alexis in the last year. I think Alexis may be the most honest boat broker I’ve met and is he extremely knowable. From start to finish, Alexis controlled every aspect of the sale and everything went extremely smooth.

- George and Judy

Alexis and the team were fantastic. We moved the listing to TMC after being with another broker for over 6 months. We had a highly qualified buyer extend an offer on our beautiful catamaran less than 48 after moving her over! In my opinion, most brokers just don’t understand there’s more to it than just having a bunch of listings. The REAL value of an experienced team like TMC is you focus as much on finding and qualifying buyers as you do acquiring listings. Alexis is a true professional and we recommend him to everyone.

- Tony and Michelle

Carl Olivier from The Multihull Company has just recently sold our beloved catamaran Tranquilo and I would like to express our sincere appreciation for Carl’s huge efforts in getting this done in a relatively short space of time. Being from South Africa, we were unfamiliar with the boat selling process in the Caribbean and USA and started asking our fellow cruisers if anyone had any recommendations. The name Carl Olivier came up quite a few times but we decided to send out emails to the various yacht brokers.  The response was excellent, however, Carl stood out from the rest by answering any questions/concerns we had, promptly and efficiently. He even assisted with information that didn’t have anything to do with the sale. It was then that we decided to give him a central listing.

Listing with Carl turned out to be the best decision we could have made as he had potential buyers almost immediately. Although not in his job description, upon arriving in the BVI, he even helped us prepare Tranquilo for our first viewing. He kept us updated on a daily basis and guided us through some very stressful surveys and viewings. He helped us find the best places to have a few issues resolved during the survey process and kept his cool when we were losing ours.

It only took a few months before he sold Tranquilo. By then we were in Ft. Lauderdale and even when the sale was done and dusted, he remained in contact with us, updating us on any post sale information.

We would have no hesitation in recommending him as a broker and wish to thank him once again for all his hard work and all the success for the future.

- Marianne and Russell Furlong

I suppose it is fairly regular that boat buyers send letters of appreciation to their brokers for helping them navigate the purchase of a boat. I also suppose boat buyers taking the time to write a “thank you” letter to the seller’s broker is a very rare event, however, that is exactly what this is.

I recently completed the purchase of a Lagoon 450 from an owner represented by Carl Olivier. I am very grateful for Carl’s contributions to make the process effortless. He went the extra mile on numerous occasions to ensure I was satisfied with the boat both before and after the sale. Carl is exceptional at what he does and reflects very well on the Multihull Company.

- Greg and Mary Jerrell

We decided to sell our Lagoon 420 while in the BVI’s. After meeting Carl Olivier from the Multihull Company in Tortola, he did a thorough personal inspection of our boat, gave us a comprehensive marketing plan, helped us prepare our boat for sale, and followed through with regular progress reports. We included in our listing our intention to do a number of minor repairs, but had problems getting delivery of some parts. Carl stepped in and personally contacted the suppliers and the boat yard in Puerto Rico to make sure our repairs were done!
He was personable, professional, and helpful throughout the selling process. It was a pleasure dealing with him. Because of his attention to detail, our boat was sold in a month! I cant imagine finding a better broker.

- Kevin Murphy

We can only begin to express our gratitude to you and your team at The Multihull Company. I can’t imagine how anyone could navigate the process of finding, vetting, purchasing, closing and delivering of a vessel without the dedication, care and thoroughness of your organization.

You took the time to make certain that we understood the process, educating us at each step and making us feel comfortable along the way. Then you led the process, involving us when we were required and anticipating our needs.

We couldn’t have been more wrong than to think that after the closing we’d be on our own, left to figure out the complicated process of hiring a delivery crew and clearing out of customs in a foreign country; yet you and your team were by our side continuing to guide us as if the closing was just a step in the voyage.

As first-time buyers there was no way that we’d be able to do this without The Multihull Company.

The experience of working with The Multihull Company was so seamless and thorough that I’ve used your company’s practices with my employees as examples of how to provide unsurpassed client service.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
Myles and Cynthia Kellam
For Cynthia

- Myles & Cynthia Kellam

With having to coordinate the sale of our house in California, the move to the East Coast, simultaneously buying a catamaran and building a new house it now seems ironic that the easiest part of completing the dream was the purchase of the boat. This is especially so inasmuch as we bought it off-shore and had to go through the additional problems that inevitably come with transactions of that type. Having you as our broker, warning us of what to expect and guiding us through the steps of the purchase made the process a piece of cake. What you earned was well deserved and was “money well spent” as far as my wife and I are concerned – especially when you consider the quality and price of the vessel you found us. At this point my only regret is that I cannot retain you to deal with the real estate agents and builders I now face with the construction of our new home in Florida!


- Henry & Genie Shuda

What a great vacation Kelly Kneeland planned for us! Your selections of the itinerary, crew, and food were perfect. We had such a fabulous time sailing, diving, and snorkeling — especially at the remote spots that are off the beaten path.

You are the queen of catamaran charters! (Or: You are the “Cat” Woman!)


- Kayann Davidoff

If you’ve had much exposure to the trade, you’ll appreciate how different Phillip is and how different he operates. He’s pleasant, candid, caring, reliable, credible, flexible, and extremely knowledgeable. He aims to please. He would be my first choice when it comes time to buy another boat or sell the one I just bought. And his assistant, Marilynn, was so helpful! Even now, three months after the sale, I would not hesitate to call either for help.


- Alan Francario

Coming from Australia to buy a boat in the US adds another dimension to an already big decision. However, everything ran smoothly with The Multihull Company and we are very pleased with the result. We felt supported and well advised throughout the whole process. Every stage of the purchase (inspection, test sail, survey, rig check etc) was well organised and ran like clockwork. A very important issue for us was having the post-purchase issues in place regarding insurance, transfer, berthing and ongoing care etc. Again, these matters were all handled for us very well by The Multihull Company and we returned to Australia feeling confident of the arrangements. We found Phillip and his team to be straight talking and honest and we would certainly recommend them.


- John B. Thornely

Yes! We are so thrilled.

Phil: Thank you so much for all of your help and guidance through the process. You did so much more than you needed to as our broker and this whole thing would not have happened without you. We shall raise our first glass of champagne on the boat to you.


- Melanie Hughes

Thank you for everything you and your wonderful staff did to help me find and purchase a catamaran. Words cannot express my extreme pleasure of dealing with great folks such as ya’all (I am from Tennessee remember…).

Just about all advertisements you see on TV, in the newspaper, or on the Internet, for whatever product you can think of claim their company will outperform others when it comes to servicing their customer. I am here to tell you that you and your staff really and truly go beyond the call of duty in every facet of purchasing a catamaran. You and your staff deserve some kind of an award for everything you did in order to make my dreams come true. Granted, waiting until I was 54 to purchase my first boat did not help matters. I needed advice, handholding, more advice, and yet still more handholding. I was clueless about marine financing, insurance, flagging, and import/ documentation rules. I thought it was like purchasing a house. Not so. I can honestly say that without your help, guidance, hand holding, daily calls, and e-mails, I would not be a boat owner today.

Marilynn and Dionne were invaluable in assisting me in all kinds of tasks. They are really special. I wish to extend a very special “Thank You” to Dionne for handling the documentation and import process. For without her diligence it would not have happened on time, if at all. If any of my family or friends become interested in a purchasing a boat, I would not hesitate in recommending The Multihull Company. I feel you all are more like friends than business associates, truly!!

Thank you, Happy New Year and let me know when you want to go sailing, I have two guest cabins…. but you knew that.

Carter J. Mills, Kentucky
New owner of 2003 Lagoon 410 S2, “Sea Jay”


- Carter J. Mills

Thank you so much for helping us purchase our Lagoon 410 “Blue Marine.” From the beginning, when most of our questions were budgetary, you were very helpful in outlining costs or pointing us towards others who could assist. You especially answered my question, “what is not on this budget that should be?” so that we had no surprises during the survey and purchase process. You had excellent ideas and feedback when we were trying to narrow down the type and size of sailboat that would fit our needs and budget. Your presence during the survey, haulout, and sea trial was invaluable. We couldn’t have done it without you. THANKS!


- Todd & Lynn Fulks

Phil…thanks for all your help and advice. Things went as smoothly as possible. Andrew did a great job managing me!!! probably the most difficult part of the broker’s job. As you are aware, I have used your professional relationships exclusively and couldn’t be happier with the service of finance, documentation and delivery company so far.


- Victor Plavner

We have just completed our purchase of a 2010 Lagoon 440. Our experience in working with the Multihull Company, with
Phil Berman as our broker, was outstanding. Phil and his team could not have been more attentive and helpful. We appreciate
the considerable amount of time they spent educating and guiding us through the entire process. If we need brokerage
service down the road, we will return to the Multihull Company, without hesitation.

In appreciation, Mark and Terri Johnson

- Mark & Terri Johnson

I live in the United Kingdom and am a lifelong sailor but when i decided to buy a catamaran I felt I needed some expert advice and assistance. The Multihull Company worked as a great team to help me find my first catamaran. After several detailed conversations with Phil about our requirements and the pros and cons of the various yachts, we decided upon our shortlist of catamarans to consider. Delphine Lafitte, The Multihull Company’s agent in France, then organized a trip to the south of France where we were able to test sail each of the catamaran brands that we liked and this enabled us to very quickly decide on Catana as a fast, stylish cruising catamaran. But the used Catana we saw in France was not in great condition and a bit overpriced, so Phil identified a particular yacht based in Tortola (not his own company’s listing) and pre-inspected her for us so that when I flew from the UK to Tortola I was able to conduct the survey and complete the purchase in a short space of time. Phil was highly responsive despite being on the other side of the Atlantic! He gave me good impartial advice and as a result I ended up with the perfect yacht. I would recommend The Multihull company to anyone considering buying or selling a catamaran.


- Paul Frew

We’ve been on the boat since saturday getting things organized, provisioning and simply getting used to being here and aboard – big life change. Things are going very well down here, Serge and Phillippe are great and working with us to finalize all the details. Alexis, your expertise, local knowledge and contacts and language skills helping us navigate the purchase were (and still are) invaluable.

We wanted to take a minute again to thank you both for all your help in making this dream a reality for us. Every step along the way in dealing with you and your company has exceeded our expectations and we cannot thank you enough for the assistance.

Karen & Jim


- Jim & Karen Doyle

I am very happy to say that our experience with TMC exceeded our expectations. Not only was the service rendered by the brokers very professional at all times, we were also pleasantly surprised by their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that even the after-purchase processes went smoothly. We found them knowledgeable with regard to the vessel that we purchased and we were offered balanced and well-informed opinions in our discussions. Availability outside of normal working hours was never a problem.


- Erich Danzfuss

Dear Alexis,

Thanks so much for your commitment and effort to find us the best boat for us in our price range. Now we have been on “Mawali” for a month, we can say you have exceeded our expectations.

We would like to commend you for your patience and keeping us patient when we was getting too interested in the wrong boat. Your knowledge of sailing, living aboard, and catamarans was invaluable and I appreciate your willingness to share this with us. All the best Jeff and Tracey.


- Jeff & Tracey

As we close the buying process on our Lagoon 410, I wanted to take a moment to thank you and your staff for a job well done.

Your expertise in catamarans shortened our decision process by educating us on the pros and cons of each type of boat on the market. We were then able to determine the short list of boats that would meet our needs. I also appreciated your patience and wisdom in knowing when to wait and when to push for action. We had several major activities going on simultaneously and you knew when to hold us back from making a rash decision and when to push for closure. In addition, you did an excellent job in looking for the right boat for us at the right price. All of this value-add saved us from making at least two decisions that would have been bad ones.

It is a comfort to realize there are people in this world that demonstrate integrity, charity and friendship. You represent the finest example of that tradition.

Best wishes to you and your staff.

Visit The Walch Family at their website

- Wilson and Elizabeth Walch

Owner’s comments regarding Dolphin 460 #4 “Rhythm”
Prepared by Jay Clark, V.P. Sirius Satellite Radio, October 2nd, 2006.

It was my good fortune to purchase the first Dolphin 46 built specifically for The United States (Hull #4). You can imagine my fear, giving dollars to a relatively unknown builder in a South American company. My broker, Phil Berman, walked me through the process and we devised a plan to hold a building slot until I could get to know the owner/operators of Dolphin Marine. I remember signing that document at the Miami Boat show. Phil, along with Junior and his father were on hand. What struck me was what happened right after I signed. Junior’s dad, who does not speak English, said something to Junior. Junior smiled and told me that his dad had asked him to tell me that, “they would build me a boat that we could both be proud of.” After living aboard my Dolphin 46, Rhythm, in New York harbor for two seasons, I can tell you that the Pimentas have more than lived up to that statement.

She is the perfect vessel for me. Rhythm is comfortable to live on with a lot of storage space. Warm in the winter and cool in the summer. She also sails. With the lured center-board down half way, I can easily point to 30 degrees and have also seen 18 knots over the GPS on a beam reach with our screacher living up to it’s name, heading into Block Island. We have sailed in great weather and also rough conditions, gusts to 45 knots with heavy chop, and even here, the yacht was easily handled. Forty-Six Feet is also a good size, as the craft can be single handed and is easily sailed by a couple. Guests come on board and are amazed that they are on a vessel where “everything works”.

Don’t get me wrong,being the first boat to the North East of the United States we saw some growing pains. The most noticeable was when Rhythm’s sliding doors, due to lack of humidity in the NY winter, warped. I talked to Phil and Junior and soon new sliding doors were delivered to the marina. More importantly, Dolphin Yachts changed their construction techniques to assure that this problem would never happen on future Dolphins.

The ship yard is now up to Hull 22, and I have been able to watch as they have improved the brand. U.S. Electric, Propane storage, larger aft cabins, the aforementioned woodwork. The thing I really like about this company is their willingness and desire to put out a superior product. Phil and Junior listen to their owners, take suggestions, and never complain, or for that matter look back.

I am very happy that I signed that piece of paper at the Miami Boat Show, these are stand up people, who make a stand up product. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.

Captain Jay Clark, V.P. Sirius Satellite Radio


- Jay Clark

After looking for a catamaran for three years and driving countless miles looking at boats, Diane, my wife, suggested we talk to a buyer’s broker. That was the most important decision we made in years!

After seeing the advertisements for The Multihull Company, I decided to call them. Phil Berman, the owner and founder, answered the phone. We discussed what we were looking for and the price range that our budget would support. He asked many questions and said he wanted to get to know his customers before he decided if we could work together.

Immediately I got a feeling that we had not gotten from any of the other brokers we had talked to. Phil actually wanted to hear from us, what we wanted and did not try to tell us what we wanted, a refreshing change. Nor did he push his own company listings on us, like most brokers. And he talks honestly and authoritatively about pricing like no other broker. He knows what any catamaran is worth – wholesale, retail, etc. That is one of the big benefits of working with a broker who sells about 30 catamarans a year.

But the wife was not convinced….she wanted to meet him in person. So we scheduled a trip to Annapolis, and Phil and Dennis Bixler (one member of a GREAT staff) met us there, postponing leaving on a sailing trip to meet us. Keep in mind that we were not looking for a million dollar yacht, but a 38 foot catamaran. We spent the day looking at boats and getting to know each other. Diane immediately liked Phil and Dennis and felt she could trust them. Which is not something that comes easily to her!

Phil dealt with a ton of questions from us and never failed to return a call, even on Saturday or Sunday. He showed us listings The Multihull Company had, as well as the listings other companies had. In fact, the boat we ended up buying was another broker’s listing. He clearly only wanted us to get the boat that was best for us – not him.

In closing, the one thing I must say is this: you want some one like Phil and his staff on YOUR side. Phil is a hard-nosed negotiator and gets things done right! From finding us a boat, to helping us sea trial, all the way to the closing, the entire staff at The Multihull Company was a joy to work with. They treat you like family.

Thanks Phil,
Dennis, and Marylyn – you have allowed a dream to come true! Yall are GREAT

- Denny DeRanek & Diane

Hi Phil,
Now that the dust has settled a bit, I wanted to thank you for making the transaction possible. The level of customer service demonstrated by you and your staff was nothing less than outstanding. I especially appreciate receiving a copy of your book. If there is ever anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Kindest Regards,


- Marc Nachman

Hi Alexis,

Pat, Ben and I have been enjoying the Virgin Islands and sailing Powder Day. We have had some great days, a few good dives, lots of snorkeling and plenty of sailing. The boat is working out very well. Thanks again for all of your help buying it. Roger


- Roger B.

I bought a yacht that I had never seen. I did this because I trusted my broker Andrew Holland. It was not an easy job for Andrew, as I am an experienced boat builder and owner of previous yachts, but work in West Africa. Imagine how hard it was to communicate what I was looking for. Andrew came up with exactly what I wanted. He dealt with time delays, all my questions at odd hours, and was there for the survey. He reported honestly and professionally. After buying the yacht, I arrived at the boat on a Sunday night, after dark, after travelling from West Africa to the Caribbean, and found it was better than expected. He never pulled punches and made me aware of shortfalls. I expected to spend my one month leave working on the boat, but actually spent less than one week, and was able to spend 3 weeks sailing – wonderful bonus.

Thank you Andrew for putting up with all my questions, all my worries and all my crazy out of the time zone concerns – you were totally professional, but also I know that if and when we meet up, it will be like a friend finally meeting. You are always welcome on Aseka.


- Beverly Cory

What’s life all about? Fulfilling dreams and meeting good friends do for a start? So imagine January 2007. Under the calm guidance of Phil Berman and the Multihull company I bought my beautiful yacht L’Aventura, attaining a dream of more than 20 years standing. And in Phil I met a friend. Live the dream – buy a Cat.


- Andy Byatt

I want to personally thank you for an outstanding job as my broker. Hope to meet up with you again. I will be in St. Martin in about a week and if you are on island ill buy you a cold one.


- Ken Johnson

Nous tenons a remercier the Multihull company et tout particulièrement Alexis de Boucaud, notre broker, pour la vente de notre bateau. Très professionnel, compétent et sympathique, il a su mener la vente a son terme et ce malgré le mat foudroyé en toute dernière partie de vente… Il a toujours su rebondir efficacement. Nous le recommanderons a nos amis cherchant a vendre ou a acheter un catamaran. De plus, quand nous serons prêts a acheter un nouveau bateau, c’est lui que nous recontacterons.


- Fredrick & Maude Bouju

I grew up in Barbados and have been racing and sailing catamarans since I was very young. Today I operate two successful day charter catamarans on Barbados, “WHY NOT”, and “WASN’T ME.”

I wake up every day and sail. Before I met Phillip Berman of The Multihull Company I thought I knew more about catamarans than anybody on earth. When it came time to buy a new catamaran for our business I really thought I could, “Do it myself on the internet.” Truth is, I could have – but I would never have gotten as good a catamaran if I hadn’t contacted The Multihull Company and asked Phillip to represent us as our buyer broker. On my own, I easily could have made a serious mistake.

Phillip’s knowledge of catamarans is unbelievable. He has visited nearly every catamaran factory in the world, sailed about every design on every ocean, and has been at hundreds of catamaran surveys. He is not only a World Champion catamaran racer, but a sort of “super agent” for catamarans. His contacts in the industry are second to none. You simply cannot believe how much time he can save you from looking at the wrong boats, or buy finding for you, from his amazing network, the right boats to consider.

Phillip not only found our new catamaran for us, he got her for a fantastic price and managed to get her delivered to Barbados from the North East Coast of the U.S. in January. The day the crew left the entire boat was covered in ice! But Phillip was there with them, readying the boat for me, and making the arrangements. He didn’t have to do this. It wasn’t part of the contract.

I can tell you that this is a man of his word who cares passionately about his clients.
I would never consider buying or selling a catamaran with anyone else.

Captain Ron Williams, Barbados
P.S. If you’re ever in Barbados, come sailing with us! Visit our website: “Wasn’t Me”


- Ron Williams

Thanks to you and your colleagues at Multihull. I am very pleased with our experience throughout the entire process, and also the informal help before it all started. Also noted is the help from Andrew, and outside support from Jan.


- Fred Ebers

My first contact with Phillip Berman and the Multihull Company was in May 2002, when I asked for information on one of the catamarans that they were listing on the web. Other contacts followed, because it seemed that when I came across an interesting cat, behind her there was always The Multihull Company. I was looking for a fast catamaran for world cruising, it was the first multihull for me, but I came to this decision after loving fast monohulls and still owning an open 50. I don’t like sailing competitions, but I love to have boats with pace. Now I wanted also more comfort and safety, that is to say – a cat.

I did not really think that I needed any dedicated advisor like Phillip Berman, I have always relied on myself, always been self-employed. I have founded, owned and managed a sizable hi-tech company in Italy, I was at ease dealing with top managers, lawyers and big corporations around the world. On the Internet I can find all the information that I need on boats for sale. I have good technical knowledge of boat design, so I did not see the advantage of having someone represent me as a buyer’s broker. If it was a matter to sell my boat, sure I needed a broker – and surely he works better with an exclusive. But in order to buy… and then was this Phillip Berman the right person? I was not yet so sure I needed him.

At that moment, even before my formal commitment to work with him, Phillip Berman called me. “A boat that is perfect for you”. We discussed at length the pros and cons of the boat and since it did seem to fit all my dreams he advised me to act as soon as possible. So I did, and after two days I gave him my offer, after that a counter offer was accepted. Following Phil’s guide, I wired the deposit and flew from Italy to the US for a personal inspection and survey. The boat was even better than Phillip had described, making the final decision a “no-brainer”.

Since I came from Italy, I prolonged my stay in Philadelphia to arrange things for boat ownership. Being a European, I knew nothing of US laws and the tax system and I found of invaluable importance the help that the team of The Multihull Company – Marilynn, John, and Dennis – gave to me to gather information and arrange things in only two days. They helped me with – and in most cases did for me – everything, from choosing the flag to founding a US company, from finding a US bank to an insurance company, from documenting the boat with the USCG to arranging for winterization. Finally, Phillip also found for me a project leader for the refit and upgrade I want to do. In just one week and a single trip to the US everything was done.

I must heartily thank Phillip, all the team of the Multihull Company and in particular Marilynn for what they did for me. I will have no doubt next time to choose them as my exclusive buyer’s broker when the moment will come to choose another boat – but I am afraid for them that this will not happen before many years, because it is difficult for me to dream a better boat.

I can honestly say that The Multihull Company really made it easy for me to achieve my goal and in doing so saved a lot of my money!


- Aldo Pigni

I recently purchased and sold a boat through Alexis de Boucaud and The Multihull Company. They made research and paperwork swift and effortless for me and the monies worked out in my favor. I highly recommend their professional services and knowledge of the boating industry to anyone buying or selling a sailing catamaran.


- Keith Miller

You helped us out way more than you ever needed to. We literally shiver when we imagine how things might have gone with someone else. Phil, Andrew, Lauren and Jan made the whole process go really smoothly. THANKS!!


- Guillermo Suescum

As first time boat buyers, our experience working with The Multihull Company (TMC) and Phil Berman was immeasurable and completely over the top. As Type “A”, anal retentive, detail oriented people; we required/needed a lot of attention, hand holding, guidance, and care which included multiple emails and calls (some hourly, most daily) during this process for which we knew nothing about. After chartering a several catamarans and a few boat show visits, the only decision we had made, prior to contacting TMC, was that we wanted a Catana 471 –we had no clue how to handle everything else. As most Catana boats are out cruising, finding one within US waters was pretty much impossible. We were very interested one in particular, an owner’s version, Catana 471, located in Turkey. At the time, there was only one lender that was willing to lend money under those parameters. Phil used his vast array of experience, contacts and knowledge to help us secure our loan, insurance broker, documentations company, maritime attorney, surveyor, flagging, transportation (Turkey to BVI to US) and so much more. Meeting Phil in Turkey during our survey proved to solidify our working relationship and start the beginnings of a new friendship. Phil and his team have endless patience, and an amazing commitment to providing the best customer service! We could always rely on Phil to be candid, honest, reliable and professional (regardless how silly the questions were). It was because of Phil and TMC’s diligence and commitment to seeing us in this boat that our dream has been realized. We would not buy or sell a boat without working with TMC and Phil Berman – as they took a challenging experience and made it pleasurable adventure.

- Matt & Christine Mitchell

We have been on our Admiral 380 that Jeff Jones helped us find for 12 weeks this Winter. We love it and Jeff! Wanted to let you know that Jeff’s expertise was invaluable. Not only did he help us find the right boat, he walked us through the purchase with ease and became a friend. When we are ready to sell or move up you will definitely be hearing from us. Thanks Jeff!



- Mike Maloney

I want to tell you about the positive experience that I had doing business with The Multihull Company.

For background, Sandy, my wife, and I live in Hawaii. We began our search for a catamaran on line, with for sale by owner boats. Both of the prospective boats we lined up, one in Guatemala and another in St. Lucia. Our one day layover in Miami grew into a ten day stay in Miami one was taken off the market and the other failed it’s survey.

We saw where Multihull Company had a listing that peaked our interest so we called Alexis. He was in St. Maartin and was not sure if he could be back in Florida to meet with us, so he assigned Jeff Jones to help us. What a stroke of luck. Jeff worked very long and hard for us, and we looked at several boats and made an offer on a boat.

Once back in Hawaii we received the survey report that was a failing grade. Disappointed, but not deterred, we asked Jeff to continue the search since he knew what we were looking for. That led to a long distance completed boat deal.

This long distance process went very well because of Jeff and the procedures you have established as a business model. We have so much praise for you, your company and Jeff.

Not only have we gotten a boat, but I believe a friend in Jeff.


- Jim and Sandy Anderson

Presently cruising the Caribbean on their newly purchased 46′ catamaran.

Commitment, follow-through, integrity, trust and outstanding results – that’s what Phil Berman and the Multihull Company mean to us.

We wanted a foolproof process for acquiring the best catamaran at the best possible price and Phil and his company proved to be the best vehicle for achieving this goal.

We selected the Multihull Company as our exclusive buyer’s representative and benefited immensely. Phil has many unlisted catamarans that we never would have heard of or seen if it wasn’t for him. As a matter of fact, one of Phil’s unlisted boats was the one we purchased!!!

Phil will not only find you the best available catamaran but he will also provide objective analysis and invaluable help in putting together the deal, finalizing it and getting you on your boat as trouble-free as possible.

If you are looking to buy a catamaran and want the best insurance against mistakes and a guarantee for coming out a winner, Phil Berman and the Multihull Company are the only logical and smart choice.


- George & Jo Florit

It has been a real pleasure dealing with such an honest and knowledgeable person rather than simply a broker and now someone we truly feel we can call a friend. We will very definitely refer you to any of our friends knowing that you will treat them as fairly and professionally as you have with us. You have an uncanny ability to know what type of boat best suits your clients. Thank you for helping to make our dream a reality and as we write this from France sitting in the harbor after our maiden voyage we couldn’t be happier. We know that we will always remain in contact with you and share our adventures and dreams with yours.

Cheers!!! from “Moonshine”

- John & Lynn Ringseis

I just wanted you to know that your level of service and the high degree of customer satisfaction have made owning my Dolphin a great experience. Most boat buyers, like myself, are obsessed with their new toy and every option results in questions and more options. Your team of professionals made a very difficult purchase less overwhelming. I look forward to sharing my new experiences and cruises in the future.

- Daniel Zlotnick

I have been sailing since I was a child and attended Massachusetts Maritime Academy. But when my wife and I began the process of purchasing an ocean cruising/racing catamaran, I realized that this is a world unto itself. Obviously, we needed to find someone knowledgeable to help us make an informed decision. More importantly, we needed someone honest and willing to put our interests before his or her own. I was lucky to work with Phil Berman at The Multihull Company. He repeatedly shunned the fast buck, choosing instead to work the long road to connect us with the “perfect boat”. I would be glad to recommend Phil and his company to anyone planning to purchase or sell a performance sailing machine.

- Eric Boutiette

It is with bittersweet irony that I write you, Phillip, to thank you for your advice. I wish I had taken it when you offered it some three years ago. You had counseled me on a range of cats that you felt would best suit my cruising plans and budget, not pushing any one brand or builder, but going over the pros and cons of the various models you felt might work for me. Sadly, I later found myself infatuated with a new boat and brand you did not recommend. Just before signing the contract to buy the boat I called you and you warned me about the builder and the design. When it became clear to you I was going to get the boat one way or the other, you recommended I get an independent surveyor to really survey the boat carefully before I signed the final papers.  I unfortunately didn’t heed your advice and bought the boat “of my dreams” without having a proper independent survey done. Aside from having my share of problems while sailing and owning her, I took a huge hit when I sold the boat and “lost” over half of what I paid for her, not even considering all the expenses I had while owning her. It was painful to have three different surveyors tell me that I had vastly overpaid and that the boat was not worth half of what I had paid for her.

I feel stupid, but it’s so easy to be blinded by builder claims that I lost focus and did something rash. They say that hindsight is always 20/20 and I know that when I buy my next boat I’ll not make the same mistake. I sailed that boat for 2.5 years and got from Norway to Australia, and saw and met a lot of sailors/cruisers along the way. One thing was evident: A lot of people have made the same mistake I did. They think they know more than they know, and fail to realize that there are some truly expert brokers who really want to make sure they get the right boat, not the wrong one. It’s funny, but I would never buy a house without going through a broker, yet somehow I felt “confident” enough to do so when I spent the same amount of money on a boat. I don’t plan to make the same mistake twice, so for my next purchase I hope you can help me, so I can avoid all the trouble I went through the last time. My advice to anyone buying a catamaran, new or used, is to find a real professional, a true buyer broker with vast experience and integrity, who understands that counting happy customers is far more important than turning a fast dollar.

- Andreas Julseth

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We take pride in our happy customers

I had a very good experience with Will Miller at TMC. He is very knowledgeable about his business and took care of all aspects of my purchase, and where he couldn’t places me in touch with the people who could. The transaction went very smoothly as far as I was concerned.

— Jeff

“Thank you Conor, for your integrity, continuous input and guidance during this process. The Multihull Company is a class act that I have had the honor of working with twice. I look forward to referring Conor to all I know in need of a broker.”

— Jeff and Julie

Your team delivered on every mark. You’ve got an amazing broker in Mark Wattrus and I’m confident you will have continued success moving forward together. He was available 24/7 whenever I had questions. We had a great initial visit on the boat and his marketing plan and photos were superb

— Jimmy

I couldn’t be more grateful to have had TMC on my side throughout this process. Buying was a new experience for me and I know it wasn’t the easiest deal you’ve ever had, but you were competent and kind throughout.


— Chad

Thanks Jaryd, you made this process as smooth as we could have hoped for! We are most certainly going to have some memorable times aboard!

— Cordell and Jennifer

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