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Benjamin Kaminsky

Yacht Broker


Benjamin Kaminsky grew up in and around the water in Miami, where he developed a keen appreciation for the ocean, with ample local opportunities for snorkeling, sailing, fishing and diving.

After attending a local marine magnet high school with a concentration in marine biology, he graduated from the University of Miami where he sailed and raced both monohulls and multihulls competitively, and for fun. He continued working after college concentrating on sailing instruction, eventually earning his Small Boat Sailing Instructors license from US Sailing. Eventually however, the lure of adventure and working with larger and faster boats in the brokerage industry captured his imagination.

He has a strong background in adaptive sailing, small boat racing sailing instruction, and knowledge of advantages and disadvantages of various rigging systems. Strong knowledge on the history, background and evolution of major production catamarans brands both large and small, new and old. He has also developed an interest and some skill in video production since entering the brokerage business where features both his own listings, boat overviews and market analysis.

He takes pride in having a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the market for his many clients, including boats which are brokerage, private, and even off-market. Whatever a client may be looking for, he is always eager and excited to help them realize their dream and ready to work with both an honest and professional attitude.


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