The Cat is Nearly Out of the Bag

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One of the most exciting happenings of 2018 for us at TMC is seeing the design come together for the new Balance 620 and launch of our fourth Balance 526.

In two weeks TMC founder, Phil Berman, will be flying to South Aftrica to sea trial Balance 526 hull #4, check in on hulls #5 and #6, and work with our team on our new 620.

Exclusively offered through the Multihull Company, Balance Catamarans are designed to be the perfect harmony of performance and luxury. The Balance 620 is an upgraded and modernized version of our 601. She is lighter, stronger, and faster than any production catamaran currently marketed in her size and price range. The design is an ultra high speed version of the Balance  526, which won Cruising World’s Import Boat of the Year in 2017.

Balance catamaran, catamaran, yacht, boat launch, balance 526

The feeling is electric, all the way to our corporate headquarters in Philadelphia, PA. We cannot wait to see the launch of these incredible boats.

Balance catamaran, catamarans, balance 620, yacht, boat launch

About the 526

The initial inspiration for the Balance 526 arose from our passion to design and build, from the ground up, the finest performance voyaging catamaran ever conceived for a couple or small family who really want to go places in speed and comfort yet carry significant cruising payloads. We set out to design the 526 to be simple to operate, to maintain, and enormously gracious to live on.

About the 620

The Balance 620 is far lighter, stronger and faster than any production catamaran currently marketed in this size and price range. The design is a stretched, ultra high speed version of the Balance 526. The engineering of this boat is one that would allow the same comforts as a charter cat, but with speed unmatched.