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THE MULTIHULL COMPANY NewsletterOctober 2010
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Annapolis Boat Show, Oct. 7-11
Phil Berman Seminar in Annapolis
Kelly Coughlin Joins TMC and Launches Charter Website
Told You So!
Featured Multihulls 
2008 89' Catana 90

1996 89' Custom Trimaran
Long Ranger

1988 60' Chantier Pinta Maxicat

1999 60' Fountaine Pajot Marquises 60 Custom
Dream Catcher

1997 60' Fountaine Pajot Marqueses
Equinox II

2004 58' Catana 581

2002 58' Catana 582

2003 58' Catana 582

2003 57' Lagoon 570
Orion I

2002 55' Outremer Light
Shining Time

1994 53' Catana 531
Mantra I

2002 52' Catana 522

2002 51' Switch 51

2007 50' Lagoon 500

2008 50' Lagoon 500

1996 48' Catana
Atlantic Adventure

2001 47' Catana 471
Omuramba II

2001 47' Catana Owner version

2001 47' Leopard 470

2006 46' Dolphin 460
Free Spirit

2006 46' Dolphin 460

2005 46' Dolphin 460
Casa de Verao

2002 45' Outremer

2006 44' PDQ Antares
Leap of Faith

2001 44' Privilege 435

1999 43' Catana 431

2001 43' Catana 431

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2010 Annapolis Boat Show, Oct. 7th - 11th

As always, The Multihull Company and our staff of brokers will be exhibiting at the upcoming Annapolis Boat Show.  We are quite easy to find: Just look for the large red and white tent on the Multihull Lagoon.  This year we will feature a wide range of brokerage listings, but will not be displaying a new boat for the first time in years. We made plans to display the new Catana 47, but were unable to get the boat delivered in time for the show. We will, however, offer the full range of Catana literature and display videos of the new Catana 42, 47, 50, 65 and Catana 90 as well as literature on the Dolphin 460 from Brazil.  In addition we will have on display a 2008 Lagoon 500 catamaran available for crewed or bareboat charters through The Multihull Company Catamaran Charters.

Every brokerage yacht we have for sale will be pictured, together with a set of full specifications. So if you are in the market for a used catamaran, you will want to make sure to stop by and examine our many listings or speak with one of our brokers.  See you in Annapolis!

Phillip Berman to Speak at Annapolis Boat Show on Thursday, October 7th 

If you are attending the Annapolis Boat Show, you will have an excellent opportunity to meet Phillip Berman and attend his seminar on "Finding the Right Catamaran for Your Needs," an event sponsored by Cruising World Magazine.  Phil will be speaking from 12:00 noon to 1:30 P.M. on October 7th in the ballroom of the Annapolis Marriot Waterfront Hotel and will be covering a wide range of topics. Most importantly, Phil believes there are any number of catamarans that represent the best fit for a given budget and cruising agenda. He will cover a wide range of topics and review the needs of all types of catamaran sailors, from coastal cruisers to world voyagers to liveaboards, and recommends the best design for your needs, new or used.

Kelly Coughlin Joins TMC and Launches New Charter Website

The Multihull Company is pleased to announce that Kelly CoughlinKelly Coughlin has joined the TMC team to manage our rapidly growing charter division.  Kelly will continue to work closely with our charter partner, Dream Yacht Charters, to book both luxury crewed and bareboat catamarans.  Kelly comes to TMC with a long history in the yacht charter business. She has worked for Sunsail, Moorings, and VIP Yacht charters.  Kelly offers expert advice when it comes to booking the right Crewed or Bareboat Catamaran charter for your next sailing vacation.
Kelly really stands out from other charter brokers because:
·She only charters catamarans
·She negotiates the best possible prices for you
·She is not a saleswoman - she matches you with the best boat and yacht charter for your needs, not hers
·She has inspected and met the crews of nearly every crewed yacht she books
·She knows the cruising grounds and details of nearly every popular sailing destination in the world
·She manages every detail of your catamaran yacht charter to ensure you have a great sailing vacation
When you speak with Kelly, you instantly understand that she knows the boats, the crews, the locations and all of the little details required to help you navigate the sailing vacation of a lifetime. Visit the new Multihull Company Charter Website or Call or email Kelly to experience The Multihull Company difference.
Phone:  215-508-2704

Catana 58 Mariah in 45-Knots of Wind

A Lesson in Catamaran Comfort on the High Seas of the South Pacific 

People often ask what is it like to sail a voyaging catamaran inMariah strong breezes and large seas, so captain Scott Fratcher put together a video for The Multihull Company sailing the Catana 58 Mariah, a yacht we currently have for sale, on a trip from French Polynesia to Tonga. Scott discusses what it's like to sail on a cat in high seas under a fully reefed mainsail and pulls together some wonderful footage of exactly what he is talking about. To watch this video, just click here. 

Told You So! 

A TMC Client Exposes the Danger of Buying a Catamaran Without the Trusted Advice of a Buyer-Broker

Mitzi Uehara Carter and her husband, from San Francisco, came to The Multihull Company a few years ago asking for advice and assistance on the purchase of a used catamaran. One particular cat caught their eye, but Phillip advised them against pursing the boat based on inspection. Well, that particular boat finally sold, but Mitzi learned a few things about it in a magazine and posted the following story on her website:  

"Told ya so!  Words everyone hates hearing. But yeah, I couldn't help saying it to my husband, "HA!!! I told you so!" Before we bought our boat, we looked long and hard at a cat in San Diego called "Tiger", an Ian Farrier 44 that we would have lived on. Our broker at the time (Phil Berman from the Multihull Company who is amazing btw) went down to look at it for us. I totally trusted him. He was excited to check it out for us and was especially excited because the price was so low.

He went to San Diego and tested the boat and reported back to us with some wariness and suggested we skip it. I was done with it immediately. But my husband was still holding on.  Even a few weeks ago, he continued to mention it, "Oh we should have considered it anyways..." I was like, seriously? With a few snaps, and head swishin, I was like, honey child, you are crazy. That boat was bad news bears.

Then in the latest issue of Latitude 38 (Aug 2010) we come across an article (towards the back in the Changes section) about how Aussies and Kiwis are buying up boats in California and cruising back home in them. Well, one Aussie bought that dang Farrier Tiger! And he regretted it big time:

"We've had problems with just about everything in getting Tiger sea safe...The kick-up rudders weren't up to the job...the 12 -volt stuff was really a mess. The engines needed to be realigned, but what's worse is that they are mounted right on the hulls so that the whole boat vibrates like crazy when we run them. But worst of all, after sailing 100 miles in the direction of Hawaii, we discovered a major problem with the triad, which is where the upper shrouds and headstay meet on the rotating mast. We had to come back to San Diego and are having to take the rigging apart and go over it all."

I love this line from the article though, "Bloomer now thinks buying a boat unseen is 'not very bright.'" DUH.

So yeah, told ya so.

Phil tells me that more and more people are foolishly doing this on the internet, what he has come to call "self-shoppers."   He says it is amazing to him that so many people do this when they could actually work with an expert buyer broker who could advise them on proper values, the sailing characteristics of a given cat, can get them pre-inspected, and who can actually represent their needs and interests.

Had the Aussie Bloomer above contacted Phil he would not have bought the disaster cat he bought. Yes, Bloomer, buying a boat sight unseen is not very bright, but buying a boat without some trusted expert who really cares about your best interests isn't very bright either. The amazing thing is that if you find the right broker it will not cost you a penny. All you have to do is offer loyalty and respect to someone who is working to do the same for you."
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