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 Why Catamarans are so Poplar for Chartering

It is pretty common for traditional yacht club sailors to think they want to charter on a monohull since that is what they learned to sail on as a child. But, the instant they finally take their first sail on a catamaran they are converts to Cats forever. What traditional single-hull sailors come to see is that Cats are just, well, a lot more fun to sail on. And a lot more fun to sleep on, play on, and have a glass of wine on and watch the world slip by on than monohulls.

Here are the facts about Cats and charters:

  1. Cats are more stable, both underway and at anchor, so sailing is much easier on the body, no lurching back and forth as you sail. Sleeping is downright soothing as the stable yacht gently rocks you to sleep. And don't forget that on a Cat you do not have to stow everything away before you set sail each day as everything is level and your possessions stay right where you left them.
  2. Cats offer a much more spacious aft cockpit to enjoy outdoor meals and to just hang about in during the day. When you feel like taking a dip in the ocean, the wide stern steps make it easy to get into the water for a swim or even a long snorkel.
  3. Cats are usually faster than monohulls, especially when reaching and running so you can get where you are going a lot faster or simply enjoy the thrill of sailing on top of the water with the wind in your hair.
  4. Cats offer excellent space between each cabin which means everything is a lot more private for quiet talks, reading and sleeping.
  5. On most Cats, the galley is built up, in the main salon, so whoever is cooking is looking out onto the lovely world as they prepare the evening's meal. Your friends and family are right at hand and the chef can enjoy the fun and the conversation as he or she cooks on state of the art stoves and ovens. On most monohulls, the galley is down below, dark, and isolated from the action.
  6. Catamarans are actually a lot easier to sail than a monohull as the cat is not constantly healing back and forth. They are easier to sail, to reef, and with two engines, much easier to dock as you can turn a catamaran in her own length under power. So everyone in your party can take a turn at the wheel even if they have never sailed before as the wide open vistas make it easy to show the less experienced sailors how it is done!
The catamaran offers a rare combination of exhilarating yet comfortable and relaxing sailing. It is easy to see why Cats area now the most popular yachts to charter for sailing vacations.

 Where to Charter a Catamaran

Charter locations for catamaran vacations today are almost unlimited from nearby spots like South Florida to more exotic locations like Langkawi in Malaysia, or the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, or the stunning Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean.

Popular winter destinations for North Americans include the many islands of the Caribbean, the Bahamas, the East and West Coasts of Florida, Belize, and sometimes Tahiti. All of these places offer great trade-wind sailing, ample anchorages, and a range of interesting places to visit and shop. Popular summer destinations for North Americans include Greece, Turkey, Croatia, France, Italy and the Spanish islands.

If you are coming from Europe, the Caribbean (especially St. Martin, the Grenadines, Martinique, and St. Barts), Tahiti, the Seychelles, Mauritius and Thailand, and the Great Barrier Reef of Australia might be convenient and lovely for you to visit.

And these days we are finding that some folks are even heading to the Caribbean in warmer summer months to take advantage of the lower off-season rates.

 But do yourself a favor and think about several factors before you zero in on a specific location including the type of yacht you want, what you like to do, the areas you most want to explore and more. For instance, if you are even mildly interested in buying a boat, choose a cruising areas that most interests you and charter the brand of catamaran you might consider buying. If you need a bit more help in making your decision, your charter broker will advise you on the various destinations and types of catamarans that most perfectly match your needs and budget.

Another helpful hint when choosing a cruising destination for your bareboat or crewed catamaran charter is to plan your yacht charter around things you like to do. If, for example, you like great dining and shopping and you like to dock at marinas in the evenings, we will advise you on the best sailing itinerary to satisfy these interests.

If your charter group prefers secluded anchorages, or diving and snorkeling, or really likes to do some "open water" sailing, we can help you choose a catamaran destination that is best suited for these activities. We have personally traveled to and/or sailed to most of the destinations we recommend, and sailed on most of the brands we charter, so our advice is backed up by real world experiences that will be invaluable to you.

Our goal is to match you with the most ideal boat and sailing destination possible so that you have the vacation experience of a lifetime. We have already done this for hundreds and hundreds of sailors around the world. Let us do it for you too!

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