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Phillip Berman is the president of The Multihull Company and a lifetime catamaran sailor and racer. He grew up racing Hobie Cats in California in the late 1960's and published his first book on catamaran racing at the age of seventeen. Called MULTIHULL RACING THE HOBIE CATS, it was published by Sea  ...more



I want to tell you about the positive experience that I had doing business with The Multihull Company. This long distance process went very well because of Jeff and the procedures you have established as a business model. We have so much praise for you, your company and Jeff. Not only have we gotten a boat, but I believe a friend in Jeff.


~ Jim and Sandy Anderson


My advice to anyone buying a catamaran, new or used, is to find a real professional, a true buyer-broker with vast experience and integrity, who understands that counting happy customers is far more important than turning a fast dollar.


~ Andreas Julseth
African Innovation


I am very happy to say that our experience with TMC exceeded our expectations. Not only was the service rendered by the brokers very professional at all times, we were also pleasantly surprised by their willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that even the after-purchase processes went smoothly.


~ Erich Danzfuss
Contour 50

The Perils of Internet Catamaran Shopping

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  1. IS THE BROKER YOU ARE CONSIDERING A TRUE EXPERT IN CATAMARANS OR TRIMARANS? Many brokerage companies claim to offer “buyer brokerage” services, but their brokers are not Multihull experts. Any yacht broker who sells a powerboat one day and a single hulled sailboat the next cannot be a true “buyer broker.” At The Multihull Company every broker is a true expert – all we do, year-in and year-out, is sell catamarans and trimarans. We know the pros and cons of all the new and used cats on the market and have attended multihull surveys for years. We know the current market conditions for various catamarans and trimarans, as well as the most expert surveyors, lenders, insurers, and shipyards that specialize in multihulls.

  1. IS THE BROKER YOU ARE CONSIDERING A WELL TRAINED, ETHICAL PROFESSIONAL? At The Multihull Company our brokers are members of the Yacht Brokers Association of America and follow the strict code of ethical and professional conduct of YABA. In addition, several of our brokers have been certified with the CPYB (Certified Professional Yacht Broker), a credential which is awarded only to yacht brokers who have years of experience and have passed a rigorous three hour examination that covers every aspect of professional yacht brokering. To learn more about our expert staff of catamaran and trimaran experts, click here.

  1. WILL MY ESCROW DEPOSIT REMAIN SECURE? The Multihull Company holds dedicated escrow accounts in Florida and Pennsylvania. When you make a deposit on a yacht with The Multihull Company you do so with the security of knowing that, should you reject a yacht, your deposit will be returned instantly. Do not become one of the many buyer horror stories found on the internet – do not send a deposit to a broker overseas as you may never see those funds again. We work only with American contracts which can be enforced in American courts and with your deposit sitting safely in a dedicated American escrow account.

  1. WILL THE BROKER I AM WORKING WITH ACTIVELY CO-BROKER ON MY BEHALF? Many brokers and brokerage companies push clients into purchasing in-house listings. In our view, no broker or company can honorably serve a buyer if he is not actively exploring the wide range of Multihull listings that best suit his clients’ needs. Any broker that simply pushes buyers toward “in-house listings” is a salesman, not a yacht broker. Here at The Multihull Company we take pride in the fact that we are “old school” yacht brokers. We know that the strength and growth of our company rests with happy clients, which explains why 80% of our business over the past three years was generated through referrals.

  1. WHO WILL ADVISE ME ON TAX, DOCUMENTATION, TITLING, AND IMPORTATION ISSUES? In the Multihull business, a great many catamarans and trimarans are built abroad and sold abroad. While a yacht broker cannot offer you the final word on taxation or serve as your accountant, an experienced broker who conducts multiple offshore transactions each year has a wealth of information on how to properly flag and title yachts to avoid unnecessary taxes or duties and how to properly and safely handle the transfer of title.

  1. IS THE BROKER A SKILLED NEGOTIATOR WHO HAS ATTENDED HUNDREDS OF SURVEYS? One of the most difficult dimensions of yacht sales is frequently “after survey” negotiations. It takes enormous knowledge and skillful negotiating skills to bring buyers and sellers together. A good broker will smooth out the rough spots and find equitable solutions. A good broker will also tell a buyer when it is time to “walk away” from a boat or a seller and look for something else.

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Testimonials From Satisfied Customers


These are stand up people, who make a stand up product. I would buy from them again in a heartbeat.


~ Jay Clark, Dolphin 460
"Sugar Shack"


I just wanted you to know that your level of service and the high degree of customer satisfaction have made owning my Dolphin a great experience.


~ Daniel Zlotnick, Dolphin
"Sugar Shack"

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